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Uninsured Services

Uninsured services are services that the BC government does not pay doctors to perform including the visit associated with the form. In these cases, patients pay ‘out of pocket’, in cash. We will provide you with a receipt.


Following is a list of common uninsured services and the cost associated with each (as suggested by BC Medical Association and doctors of BC). 

Read more here.

Charges must be paid prior to the service/letter being provided. 

Most forms can be completed within two weeks, if you need the form completed in a "rush" you can choose to pay the rush fee. 


Drug Benefit Form for third party insurer $85

SPARC BC parking application & Handy Dart application $50.90

Brief certificate or form (school, work) time off $50.90

Employers occupational fitness form (separate from exam) $187.00



Brief letter or note, incl. insurance note for PT/massage $48.25 

Medical advice by letter $164.00 

Medical leave or off work letter $187


Insurance company letter: 1/2 page $187.00 

Insurance company letter: 1-2 pages $395.00 


Medical legal letter $395.00 + based on time involved

Medical legal report $1,179.00 + based on time involved


Disability Benefit Report

Insurance, disability, or tax credit: short form $164.00 

Insurance, disability, or tax credit: long form or supplemental letter $215.00 

*Please note that we are not in control of you being approved nor do we guarantee it, these are legal forms and the review is completed by the third party (either government or insurance)


Clinical Services - Examinations

Physical exam for school/camp $81.50 

Complete exam for healthy patient with form $183.00

*If your form is more than one page may be additional fee

Industrial first aid exam – limited exam $164.00 

Driver’s Medical - Full Exam (Yellow Stripe) $226.00

Driver’s Medical - Full Exam (Blue Stripe) $226.00

Diabetic Driver Report - stand alone (no Medical) $226

Diabetic Driver + Drivers Medical $282.50 


Clinical Services & Procedures - 

Cosmetic or when not covered by MSP

Liquid Nitrogen/Cryotherapy -  Skin tags, age spots, cherry angiomas, warts (up to 5 lesions) $80 per treatment session

- Genital and Plantar wart treatment is covered by MSP

- Some lesions may require more than one session (warts)

Non Skin Cancer Lesion Removal:

Excision without sutures- non medically necessary  $200.50

Excision with sutures - non medically necessary $238.50 - $292.50 based on location

(Covers skin tags, moles, seborrheic keratosis)

Immunizations not covered by MSP, per injection $38.60

Keloid Steroid Injections - $100/session (including steroids) used

- Usually requires multiple sessions


Administrative Services

Transfer of Records - basic fee $38.45

Physician Review of Records for medical/legal purposes or transfer of patient records (per 15 min) $ 112

Transfer of Records - photocopying - per page (first 10) $2

Transfer of Records - photocopying - per page (>10) $0.30


Missed Appointment

No show or late cancellation 15 min appointment (<24 hours) $50

No show extended (30 min) appointment $75 dollars

* Please note >10 minutes late is considered a no show

* If we cannot connect with you after 2 tries for telehealth this is also considered a no show

* >3 no shows is grounds for dismissal from the practice


Additional Charges - "Rush Fee" & Complexity

Depending on complexity most forms can be completed within two weeks, some forms will require an in person appointment for physical exam.

If you need your form completed sooner you can pay a "Rush Fee" which in most cases will be double the base fee.

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