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This medical clinic is a "micropractice",  a model in which physicians (typically in solo practice) focus on improving efficiencies by using technology and operating with no or very few staff members to fill in the gaps. It's purpose is to ensure that I am accessible and spend quality time with my patients to address their medical concerns.


How does it work?

The micropractice model requires that patients feel comfortable collaborating with their physician and actively providing their input by engaging in self-service using the technological tools made available to them.  Clinic staff hours are minimal and replaced by a “virtual front desk”.  The preferred way of communicating is via email or secure messages instead of by telephone.


Why did I decide on a micropractice?

I enjoy connecting with with people with as few barriers as possible. By operating a micropractice I can spend more time getting to know you and what's important to your individual situation. I thrive on running an efficient practice with good access, continuity of care and satisfaction of both patient and doctor. This way I can start the practice with few barriers and allow it to grow with me.


Is it right for you?

The micropractice model relies heavily on the use of technology to remove third person disruptions, improve clinic efficiency, and allow better access and communication for both physician and patient. If this does not resonate with you, you might want to consider switching to a physician who operates with the more traditional type of practice.

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