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Services Not Provided

As a small practice there are some things that Dr. Ballem is not able to accommodate currently.

She is more than happy to help you access these resources locally. 


Pediatric Vaccines

We recommend following the routine pediatric vaccine schedule. 

You can find out more about the vaccine schedule on the ImmunizeBC website.

These can be easily accessed at the nearest health unit. Find the one closest to your home:


ImmunizeBC: Health Unit Finder 

Vancouver Coastal Health: Immunization Clinics

Mountain View

Pregnancy Care

Dr. Ballem does not have delivery privileges in Vancouver and as such she prefers to help her patients connect to their pregnancy provider earlier in their pregnancy.  She is happy to discuss the options and try and help you find the right solution for you. 

In Vancouver we have the option of obstetricians and midwifes. 

Here are some resources to help find a provider near you:

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