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Clinic Policies


Dr. Ballem uses a secure messaging system that requires sign in (called a "patient portal") to send messages with your results and to let you know if you need to book follow up. It is an important part of our communication so you can get timely care. You are encouraged to check messages regularly and ensure your notifications are turned on.


Missed Appointments, Late Cancellations & No Shows 

Dr. Ballem requires a 24-hour cancellation notice by email or online booker if you are unable to keep your appointment. Failure to give the required notice will result in a $60 no-show fee. Further appointment bookings may be suspended until the fee is reconciled.


Payment options: 


  1. Send an e-transfer to

  2. Credit or debit card in person at the clinic during business hours

  3. Bring exact cash to the clinic during business hours 


Dr. Ballem believes patients’ time is valuable, and endeavours to run on time. If you are more than 10 minutes late this disrupts Dr. Ballem's ability to run on time for the remainder of the patients booked, thus, it may be considered a no-show. you may have to rebook and a $60 charge may apply.

It is recommended you plan to show up 5-10 minutes early for your appointments as parking is very difficult


Physician Vacation/Conference/Sick Time

It is not always possible to find a replacement physician to cover the practice when your doctor is out of the office.  We will given advance notice if we anticipate being closed without a replacement physician. In this case if you have a pressing medical concern you should seek medical attention by going to a walk-in clinic or to the closest ER department. All other concerns will be addressed by your physician once she is back in the office. You can go to online booking  to book the next visit available.

If you run out of medication, please ask your pharmacist to provide an emergency supply until you can see your physician again.


Zero Tolerance Abuse Policy

Our clinic has a zero tolerance policy in place regarding harassment, verbal abuse and displays of aggression directed towards staff, be it in person, via telephone conversation, email or regular mail.  Individuals violating any of the above will be immediately denied service, will be asked to leave the clinic and will be subject to termination of the patient-physician relationship with Dr. Ballem.  Depending on the circumstances, criminal charges may also be laid. 


Termination of patient-physician relationship

We reserve the right to terminate the patient-physician relationship under the following circumstances:


  • If we, or any person we work with, feels threatened in any way by a patient or their family as per the zero tolerance policy

  • If a patient has 3 or more “no-shows” or refuses to pay associated fees.

  • If breach of trust has occurred.

  • Any other circumstance which compromises the integrity of the patient-physician relationship.

  • If a patient has not been seen for more than 36 months or is frequently seeking care elsewhere without attempts at booking with Dr. Ballem.

  • Patient moves out of our catchment area making in person evaluations impractical.


Should we feel the most appropriate action is to terminate the relationship you will get written notice, you will be provided with a bridging prescription of any medications we prescribe and we will transfer your records to any physician you request.


Payment for Uninsured Services

Uninsured services are services that the BC government does not pay doctors to perform. In these cases, patients pay ‘out of pocket’, in cash. We will provide you with a receipt. Following is a list of common uninsured services:

  • Forms - Insurance, Disability, Special Authority for Medication Coverage, Drivers Medical, Parking Forms

  • Sick/work notes

  • Cosmetic procedures including non malignant skin lesion removal or use of medications such as cortisone purchased by the clinic

  • Administrative services, transfer of file or printing records

We follow the college recommended standards for pricing and will provide you with a quote before services are rendered. Please plan accordingly - Forms may take up to 2 weeks to complete, if rush needed an additional price may apply.

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