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New Patients & 
Womens Health Appointments

New Patients

The waitlist is currently closed.

Dr. Ballem has switched to registering patients from the centralized provincial attachment system rather than a private waitlistPlease ensure you have signed up here

If you are being enrolled, you will be emailed a new patient intake form and patient contract. After the completed package is received you can book an intake appointment. 

If you have previously added your name to the waitlist please note that there is no guaranteed timeline in which you will be accepted as Dr. Ballem will be rostering patient as she is able. The current list exceeds her capacity but she will do her best to continue to expand. Dr. Ballem is not able to give individual updates on the list or confirmation of enrolment due to the number of requests she has been receiving. 

At this time we are prioritizing accepting patients who currently do not have a family doctor/NP or their current provider is retiring. 


You can review the clinic policies here

Banana Leaves

Pap Patients

If you are due for a pap/cervical cancer screen and do not have a family doctor or if you prefer a female doctor you are welcome to make an appointment. 

Appointments are made by making a patient account and can be booked up to two weeks in advance. Prior to the appointment you will be asked to confirm your BC MSP number. If you do not have MSP you can still access this service but may have to pay privately, we will confirm before your appointment.

View appointments here.

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